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The gift of time is among the most beneficial donations a nonprofit organization can get. Donations come in all various sizes and kinds. The most significant and effective way for someone to support our organization is by volunteering.

How do I become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer, simply fill out our online (volunteer application) form. Once we receive your application, ACPNET team will review it and get in touch with you to discuss potential opportunities.

It was a lovely Tuesday morning when I received a call from UNHCR offices. It was about our medical mandatory testing for GOVERNMENT ASSISTED REFUGEE PROGRAM (GARS).

The doctor told me that I was HIV positive in front of everyone in the waiting room. I refused to accept the results. I was struggling from PTSD, and went to 10 clinics trying to prove the doctor wrong. Soon after the final results, I started drinking almost everyday trying to ease pain. I didn’t care about my kids or my husband and my family. I started losing weight and started limiting my movements. I was in hiding and crying everyday. At one time I drank poison and ended up in hospital. My brother was monitoring my movements everyday. My brother decided that I move to his home.

After two months I received a call that we were going to Canada . I had mixed feelings about whether to travel or not. The day came and we came to Canada. I stopped talking to my husband because of anger. He was abusing me verbal, financially and physical.

My doctor introduced me to HIV agencies in the community. I joined one agency that made a very big change in my life. I participated in conferences, retreats and trainings. I was empowered and motivated, they gave me a home/ life and belonging.

My husband left me and I lived with my kids. I am now a Peer supporter/advocate and a mentor.
Peer Supporter

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities at ACPNET, including .

You can indicate your preferences and skills in the application form, and we’ll match you with a suitable role.

The time commitment varies depending on the role. Some roles may require a few hours a week, while others might be more intensive. We’ll work with you to find a schedule that suits your availability.

Not necessarily. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Some roles may require specific skills, but many opportunities are open to individuals with a willingness to learn and contribute.

Yes, we provide training for all our volunteers. Training sessions may cover your specific role, ACPNET policies, and any necessary skills. We want to ensure you’re comfortable and prepared for your volunteer work.

Some roles may offer remote volunteering options, while others might require on-site presence. Please indicate your preference in the application form, and we’ll let you know about remote opportunities that match your skills.

The age requirement can vary based on the role and local regulations. Some roles at ACPNET might be open to younger volunteers with parental consent, while others might have a minimum age requirement.

Volunteers get job experience, exposure to community and our stakeholders.

Sure! We ‘ll be happy to provide confirmation of your volunteer hours and the impact you’ve made.

Yes, many of our roles at ACPNET involve direct interaction with the community we support. It’s a chance to connect, learn, and make a difference in people’s lives.

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